Exton, PA Locksmith

Exton, PA is a small residential town in Chester County, PA.  Home to both the Exton Square Mall and Main Street at Exton, Exton has a large commercial presence.  Additionally, there are restaurants, shops, office buildings and more.  Our commercial locksmithing services are tailored to meet the needs of our customers.  From repairing broken locks, doors, windows, handrails, etc., to installing surveillance cameras, CCTV, alarm systems and other security systems, we can help meet all of your security needs. 

Our Exton, PA Locksmith has 30 years of experience in the locks and security field.  Nick Lonchar is an award-winning inventor and designer of high-security products, and has picked, changed, repaired, replaced, etc. tens of thousands of locks with an excellent track record of careful, meticulous work and many satisfied customers.

Here is a list of some of the locksmithing services we offer:
-Alarm Systems
-Re-Keying Locks
-Broken Locks
-Smart Phone Security Systems
-Broken Windows/Doors/Hinges
-High Security Locks
-Master Key Systems
If you are in need of a locksmith for your commercial, residential or industrial needs, contact Exton Locksmith Nick Lonchar now.  Nick Lonchar is a licensed and bonded locksmith with decades of experience in every facet of the lock and security industry.  Fair prices and guaranteed work.  484-955-0545


Also serving nearby: Malvern, Fraser, East Whiteland, West Whiteland, Downingtown, West Chester, Paoli, Charlestown, Chester Springs, Yellow Springs, Great Valley and the Main Line.
Our Paoli Locksmith is available for any of your locksmithing needs, including: on the spot professional lock-picking, re-keying, door and lock installation or repair, master key systems and much, much more.  Paoli Locksmith Nick Lonchar can assist you with your emergency, residential, commercial, and auto locksmith needs in Paoli , even on short notice.  Call us at (484) 955-0545 and talk to an experienced, professional locksmith for your locksmithing needs.

Locksmith services include:
  • Emergcy Locksmith (Car/Home/Business lockout or break-in)
  • Replace Lost Key or Broken Lock
  • Repair Broken Locks/Doors
  • Key Cutting/Duplication
  • Unlock and Repair Safes
  • Unlock Car Door and Trunk
  • Security Camera ( or CCTV Surveillance)
  • Re-Keying to Same Key
  • Master Key System Installation
If you are ever in need of home, office or auto locksmithing services, you can count on Nick Lonchar.  A professional locksmith with nearly 30 years of experience can come to your location at any time of the day or night to fix broken locks, doors or keys.  Whether you need an emergency locksmith or other locksmith solutions, we have the necessary knowledge, experience and tools to do the job the right way.

Our locksmith is fully licensed, bonded and insured and is available across countless locations throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Paoli.  We understand that emergency locksmith situations can arise at any time, which is why we offer 24 hour locksmith services to the public in or around the Paoli, Malvern, Great Valley area.

We carry the most technologically advanced and sophisticated locksmiths tools and machinery available on the market today and use state of the art equipment so that we can solve any of your locksmithing needs.  We offer simple solutions for your lost key and a professional locksmith can pick, repair, replace or modify your lock to meet your needs.

Security consulting solutions are also available!  We can set up CCTV surveillance, install wireless outdoor security cameras, install high-security locks and doors, and more to meet your commercial locksmithing needs in Paoli.  Call us at (484) 955-0545 for a free phone estimate and more information about how we can better secure your home or business and protect you, your family and your assets.

We are experts at getting you back into your car or home if you've been locked out.  You may be facing a car lockout or need open trunk or lock picking assistance.  When it comes to urgent emergency locksmith issues, don’t panic.  We can help with all of your locksmithing needs, including, car keys replacement, repairing security door locks, remove broken key, and anything else that may come your way.

(484) 955-0545


Getting locked out of your car is frustrating.  To make matters worse, drivers are most often locked out of their cars when they are already in a rush!  When running late, or very busy with errands, we are more likely to lock our keys in our car. 

If we're lucky,
we lock our keys in our car at home, and have the spare available to get it open.  Unfortunately, that's not how it happens, is it?  Luckily, your Malvern car locksmith is here to help.  We will respond to your lockout need immediately and get you back inside your car as quickly as possible.

Most often, if no window is cracked, an air pump will be used to open the top corner of your car door.  a long wire tool is then used to reach a button or handle that will open the lock, the door, or lower the window to permit access to the car.  Trying to do this yourself with a screw driver or coat hanger is likely to lead to damage to your vehicle or possibly an injury.  Have a professional, experienced locksmith help you instead and save you that aggravation. 

With state of the art tools, designed to open your car with the least amount of harm to your vehicle possible, and the skill an expertise from nearly 30 years of locksmithing experience, Nick Lonchar is the right choice for your car lockout locksmith needs in Malvern, Paoli, Exton, Fraser, Berwyn, Chester County and the Western Main Line.  Call us now and get back to your busy life.  FAIR PRICES, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE.


Have you ever seen one of those giant key rings with dozens of keys on it, each opening a different door?  Sure, a janitor might color code the keys or write on them to identify which key goes in which lock, but an experiences locksmith can greatly improve the way your business operates with a master key system.

An easier fix involves simply re-keying multiple locks to the same key.  If your house has different keys for different locks, it is undoubtedly a hassle.  It is annoying to have a different key for your front and back doors.  The last thing you want when you come home from work with hands full of groceries, is to have to use more than one key to get into your house.  Using the key of your choice, we can re-key or replace the cylinders in your lock to make your life easier.  An experienced, skilled locksmith can make all of your locks work on the same key.  If you have multiple keys for your house and are tired of wasting time identifying which key to use, contact your locksmith now for a free phone consultation.  484-955-0545

Re-keying is one solution, but sometimes you will want to control access to different locations, while maintaining the convenience of re-keying.  For example, an apartment complex or hotel in Great Valley, PA needs to ensure its residents' safety.  Each apartment must have a unique key.  For repairs and emergency access, however, it is convenient and beneficial for management to have a master key system for entry into all units.  The same type of master key system helps with maintenance and cleaning in office buildings, schools, and other businesses. 

Lock cylinders generally have two rows of pins, the upper pins and the tumblers.  The tumblers fit into the key like a puzzle and align the upper pins into a straight line so that the
lock can turn.  When the wrong key is inserted, either the tumbler or the upper pin will block the key from being able to turn.  Just one wrong pin and the lock will not open.  This is how so many different key combinations can be made.  In order to create a Master-Key system, your experienced, skilled locksmith will need to key the same cylinder to two different keys.  This is done by inserting a third row of pins.  This third row allows for the lock to be unlocked by two separate keys.  One of the keys will work only for that lock, while the other key (the master key) will be set to work on all of the other locks.  Creating a master key system takes experience, skill, organization and intelligence.  If you need a master key system, Nick Lonchar is the right choice for your locksmithing needs. 

With nearly 30 years of experience, Nick Lonchar can meet all of your re-keying or master key needs and help your home or business run smoother, while improving security.  Call us now for a free phone consultation and estimate.


Malvern, PA is an upper middle-class Western suburb of Philadelphia.  Located in Chester County, Malvern is home to corporate centers, universities, homes, apartments and small to large businesses.  Each of these sectors has locksmithing needs and we have been proudly serving Malvern and its neighboring cities for nearly 20 years. 


Malvern has homes and apartments of all different types and eras.  Many of the original old farmhouses in the community have unique locks, doors and windows.  Maintaining the history and elegance of these fixtures, while permitting for modern functionality requires skill and experience.  Many of the newer development homes have locksmithing repair and maintenance needs as well.  Repairing, replacing, re-keying or opening your locks is our specialty.  With nearly 30 years of locksmithing experience, and as a certified home inspector, Malvern Locksmith Nick Lonchar is the best choice for your home locksmithing needs in Malvern.


Malvern has retail businesses, corporate center offices, banks & other financial institutions
, as well as apartment complexes and hotels.  Whether your business needs a better overall security system or repairs and maintenance to locks and alarms already in place, we can help with your commercial locksmithing needs in Malvern.  With security consulting services, surveillance/CCTV systems, high security locks, master key and controlled access systems, we can make your business operate more safely and more smoothly.

If you have been locked out of your home, car or apartment, or need a lock serviced or replaced, call us for a free phone consultation, or fill out the contact form on the right.  Hire an experienced and professional locksmith for your home or commercial locksmithing needs.




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